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Finalé: Part 2

What did everyone think of Part Two of the season finalé, tonight? I must say, I was VERY impressed.


Firstly, I've noticed that the show's cinematographers have been more experimental in recent episodes. They've been using different techniques in extremely relevant scenes, rather than just reserving the flash and special effects for the inter-scenes. Particularly in this episode, I LOVED the cinematography in the scene where Lily runs off by herself after Robbie forces Travis' hand and makes him admit the truth to Ray. The shakiness of the filming elegantly expressed Lily's sense of confusion, frustration and anger.

I was also impressed tonight by the writers' increasingly human portrayal of Travis' character, in general. Travis is normally the boy who always has something to say, but was lost for words when confronted with the most basic of human emotions. I was less impressed with the writers' blatant attempt to drive the point home by making Travis lost for words when he looks to Buddha to make sense of the situation, but they have his character really expressing powerful emotion now. They hinted at the power behind Travis' emotions in the episode where Travis feels alienated from the rest of the RFR crew, as well as the episode where Lily throws Travis a surprise party, but tonight, Travis really let his emotions control him, and it was truly a primal sight to watch.

It was also fascinating to watch the group turn against their true nature when faced with an unfamiliar situation. They became bitter, sardonic, hateful and deceptive toward one another, and don't even get me started on the self-denial. It's just really a trip to watch.

At any rate, I don't want to overanalyze the episode. I just genuinely enjoyed it tonight, and can't wait to see what the final episode of the season holds.

Hope everyone had a good week. I'll post again soon.

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