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Radio Free Roscoe Roleplay

think underground.

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Somehow you stumbled upon the Radio Free Roscoe roleplay community! Welcome, and let's cut to the chase.

Rules (I'm basically using the same ones as degrassi_rp)
1) Keep your character in-character. That means, don't just let Ray randomly become into a depressed, anti-social freak (unless if there's a reason behind it).

2) Also, you don't exactly have to follow exactly what's happening in the show. But you do have to keep it realistic. If you want Robbie and Kim to continue being enemies, so be it! (has to be agreed by the roleplayers, however)

3) If you decide to do something drastic like killing someone off, then that'll have to be talked about with me.

4) There's no need to make a new journal for your character. If you decide to, however, then that's great! If you don't, then just use an icon representing your character to save any confuzzlation. I have some icons available if you can't find any.

5) Since there's not a lot of main characters in RFR, I'm allowing any original characters. However, leave an email before playing him/her.

6) When posting in the community as a character or in a journal, please don't use netspeak. (i.e. omg! he asked me out 2day im soooo happy)

And that shall be all! Hope you guys have lots of fun.

Lily Randall/Shady Lane - _shadylane
Ray Brennan/Pronto - yourpalpronto
Robbie McGrath/Question Mark - robbieqm
Travis Strong/Smog - enlighten_sage
Kim Carlisle - dirtyvogue

Other Characters
Jennifer Peoples - incadenza
Laurel - aboutablonde
Principal Waller -
Mickey -
Audrey - _inthestars
Ed -
Ted -

If you want to play any of the side-characters such as Lee Johns, Judy Douglas, etc. and bring into the madness, then email me.