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New RFR w/Skye

What did everyone think of the latest RFR? I must say that Skye is an exceptional beauty, but I'm undecided on her acting ability. She has a kind of Mandy Moore-ish style of acting, speaking in a very calculated manner, yet commanding the audience. I'd like to see the writers give her more of a chance to prove herself, as her part of the script was essentially just her following Robbie around, saying "subversive" this, and "awesome" that. (Also, does that mole of hers annoy anyone else?)

I did very much enjoy the writers exploring Robbie's character more, however. It paints him as a very complex person, and shows that while Robbie acts in a somewhat conventional manner in public, that does not mean he's some sort of complacent drone, nor is he some sort of anarchist like Sydney wanted him to be. I very much related to Robbie in this episode.

Anyway, can't wait for the season finalé. I'll see if I can cook up another J. Peeps post.
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